Wednesday, 29 May 2013

'Wild Wild West' Side Table - almost there :)

In the last few days I have been frantically working on the new business, from finishing the furniture to more logistic side of things, like researching the ideas and the market. I would really want this to work, just need to apply some more passion and heart to it - and I know it can work.
Anyway I spent the last night working on the stencil on this 'Wild Wild West' Console Table. 'Apprentice' was on and I have managed to watch it while painting the table. It was tricky, but I really enjoyed bit of challenging craftsmanship. I have printed out the image I wanted from the web - I had to print it on two sheets of A4 paper, so left side was on one sheet of paper, and the right side on the other. Then I've cut out the shape and traced it on top of the side table. Filled it carefully in with Pete's black glossy paint and here's the effect!
All I need to do now is to stitch together little pieces of leather to cover the shelf underneath and this end table will be complete :)


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Children's Room CD Tower / Bookcase with Glossy Red Shelves & Crayon Sides

Colourful CD Tower / Display Unit - ideal for Children's Bedroom!
Three shelves and back are hand painted in heavy duty Red Gloss paint - they will survive any scratches!
Sides of this CD Tower are covered with washable Crayons wallpaper
Made from mahogany effect wood veneer
Shelves are adjustable heights
Comes flat packed and very easy to assemble.
Shelving unit bursting with colourful energy - ideal in Children's Bedroom!

Height: 130cm (51")
Width: 23cm (9")
Depth: 17.5cm (7")

Click here to buy this Children's CD Tower now!

Buy this Children's Bookcase now!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Recycled Tin Can Pencil Holder

This pencil holder is made from old recycled baked beans tin, wrapped in crayons wallpaper and edges painted in metallic gold. The insides are also covered in wallpaper, I planned to paint it in fab glossy red, yet when I applied primer the rims of the tin were still 'bleeding' through. But now I think it looks absolutely amazing, it's very 'green' in the upcycling meaning and hopefully will be popular. It's now available on ebay:

Upcycled Recycled Crayons Wallpaper Pen Holder


Sunday, 12 May 2013

These Shabby Chic Mulberry Chairs are now on Ebay :)

Staple gun and staples finally arrived yesterday, oh how I waited! I got to work right away, buffed the chairs to give them nice shine and finally reached for the most incredible Mulberry Queen Stamp fabric. I have ordered it right after I've got the chairs, which is about 2 - 3 weeks ago (?). Anyway it was such a pleasure to finally work with it, but as it was my first upholstery project, it was bit bumpy ride at first. After I finished I've realized I have folded too much of the fabric underneath the seat edge - instead of cutting the excess off - which lifted the seat slightly and couldn't hook the hinges in properly afterwards. In we go with taking every staple one by one, outlining the seat around onto the fabric and cutting it to shape. After the second try it went so much better and the finishing product is presented here :) I'm most pleased, managed o upload it on ebay already, although only with the basic photo, so today after work I'll need to take better photos in daylight to give them justice - they deserve :)

Buy these shabby chic chairs here!


Friday, 10 May 2013

Nearly there...

 My first non-domestic project is nearly complete, two dining chairs I have bought in Newquay some time ago, painted and distressed and now I'm applying Beeswax topping. I'm still waiting for the staple gun to arrive to upholster the cushions with the fabric I've bought earlier. It's really gorgeous Queen Stamp truly magnificent fabric and really can't wait to see the final results :)

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Beeswax - my new best discovery for finishing upcycled furniture

I'm still new to upcycling furniture, and learn new tips and tricks, and spent quite a long time researching online for some clear top coat. After consideration, decided to go for natural Beeswax Furniture Polish - and absolutely felt in love. It smells of strong shoe polish (I suppose they both have similar ingredients) and leaves really sophisticated mat finish on my painted chairs. After finding most incredible colour for my upcycled chairs, I didn't want to change the final shade - as I did earlier with my chest of drawers by applying Wood Gloss. Although it was advertised as 'Clear' Wood Gloss Finish, it gave slight darker tint to painted surface. I didn't really like the final shade, so I was very particular when looking for completely clear top coat, which also gives protection to painted furniture. And now I'm really happy with this Beeswax Polish - seriously recommend it if you're looking for quality clear finish.